My Dream Bathroom


With an upcoming move in the works comes a mind full of possibility – thanks a lot, Pinterest. While I’m sure we’ll be just skimming by our teeth in New York, that has not stopped me from conjuring up a new dream bathroom anyway. (Besides, isn’t this what everyone does when their boyfriend is watching basketball?). So here I share my inspiration with you, starting with those Pendleton mismatched towels above, sigh.

Primary Colors: coral, black, white

Secondary Colors: grey, brown, nude

Theme: plants, plants and plants

Accent Pieces: wooden, clothe, crystal/glass

*Bonus: cat litter box hidden in a tipi*

What does your dream bathroom look like?


Take Me Out to the Dodger Game

IMG_6229 copy
I’ve never been a huge sports person, or much of a sports person of all; however, I’ve been slowly trying to embrace the idea of people becoming crazy obsessed with other people throwing balls at things (baseball, football, basketball…). I think I can now safely say, baseball has won me over. Football will probably be next, thanks to Kaepernick, “the gazelle.” Basketball, eh, one day, one day. But for now, baseball. Something about being outside, in the stands, chewing sunflower seeds. Joe and I have gone to two night games since the season started, and the Dodgers lost both times — I think we’re bad luck. But regardless, close scores, extra innings, and most importantly, Dodger Dogs were to be had at each. Also, it rained during the second game, which, can I just say, is totally and completely magical. I’m not even being sarcastic. These are the best pics from both games. I think we’ll have to squeeze in at least one more game before leaving for NYC (I’m still waiting to see homeboy Ryu as starting pitcher). P.S. Night games are so much better than day games. P.P.S. GO KINGS (had to throw that in there) – surprisingly my heart also belongs to hockey. I mean, c’mon, they get to throw punches while skating around on ice.
^^ I love this photo. Joe took it, of course. Matt Kemp beats the ball. ^^
^^ The sports’ writers section. I think? Looks so comfy. ^^
^^ The crowd of blue and the Coca-Cola sign. ^^
^^ Friday night fireworks. They were canceled the first game because of an hour of extra innings, and they were almost cancelled the second game for the same reason. Lucky, they pulled through despite the broken curfew — I suppose it was our reward for staying the whole game, extra innings and all, in the pouring rain. ^^
^^ I know, I’m getting out of control with the kiss pics. Poor Joe. This is the last one, I promise. ^^

Photos c/o Joseph Speer

Bar Carts and Glass Tops

The first thing I want to buy for my next apartment is a bar cart. Boyfriend and I are on a Mad Men kick (thanks, Netflix), which may be to blame. I personally love classic, antique looking carts — gold and brass legs, clear glass platforms, giant Mary Poppins-esque wheels. Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen hanging out on Pinterest. Bar cart inspiration at its classiest. (I also wouldn’t mind some of the old school crystal liquor bottles… le sigh).

5 Things That Make Me Happy

image^^ 1. NYC is happening in T-minus-38 days!! (Did I use that “T-minus” thing correctly?). Joe and I are prepping ourselves. We’ve got the subway map taped to the living room wall, and I’m memorizing the neighborhoods. I’ve basically got Brooklyn down. ^^

image 12^^ 2. The new swing set off of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea. Eight swings, positioned in a cube, to be exact. You can basically swing and look down the boulevard at the Walk of Fame. For free, nonetheless! I will miss you Hollywood — for reasons like this one. ^^

image 14^^ 3. Good reading material is important. A professor of mine introduced me to Miranda July’s writing in college. I am soooo looking forward to reading this. Everyone has their favorite kind of book, mine is short, slightly-off stories. ^^

image 11^^ 4. I think the first Mel’s Drive-In I went to was in San Francisco with my dad. Remember the paper fold-up cars they give you? Yeah, they still have those. This is the location in West Hollywood — eating there brought back some sweet memories. Sidenote: Their potato salad is pretty addictive, if you’re in to that sort of thing. ^^

photo 2^^ 5. Peeking inside the Buzzfeed headquarters in L.A. on Beverly late at night after everyone has seemingly gone home. You know, just being creepy and stuff. ^^


Product Lust: Ombre Velvet Pillows

It comes as no surprise to me, seeing as I usually want half their catalogue anyway, that Anthropologie has stolen my heart once again. This time it’s their velvet ombre pillows. Available in these six colors, I want one of each. They’re so soft and beautiful and colorful and did I mention soft? At $188 a pop I probably won’t be getting any, but that isn’t going to stop me from visiting their site and crying over them every day for the next month. So lovely.

        Which is your fave?

Visit to the Japanese Tea Garden

wisteriaGolden Gate Park in San Francisco is gigantic and amazing (I was in the Bay Area for my third time in the past month, holler!). Paddleboats, botanical gardens, you name it, it’s there. However, despite what feels like dozens of excursions to the city, it wasn’t until last Sunday that I had ever been to the Japanese Tea Gardens in the park! It’s a $7 entry fee, but totally worth it. As much as I hate paying for public parks, I will admit that putting a price tag on it keeps the Tea Garden tranquil and quiet, as I assume it’s meant to be experienced. A great place to just meditate and observe. And really, absolutely, stunningly beautiful. I want to move to rural Japan now.
15^^ The teahouse, where you can sit and enjoy traditional Japanese teas. ^^

1718^^ The Koi! I like Koi a lot, but Joe is even more obsessed. This is one of probably one hundred photos. ^^

16^^ A Japanese garden bridge that you can climb, and we did. A few times. ^^

10232182622^^ The prettiest pagoda. I love Japanese architecture. ^^

2241119^^ Da Buddha. This one was hundreds of years old, but I’m blanking on the exact date. ^^

316^^ Pebble Landscaping. It’s all in the details. ^^

132557^^ Kiss on the bridge while balancing the camera on the railing. Not the smartest idea, but definitely the most fun. ^^

Photos c/o Joseph Speer


Happy Easter

photoHappy Easter everybody! A few days ago I received a hand-made Easter card in the mail from my sweet grandmother in Florida. It was totally unexpected (she hadn’t asked for my address or told me to look out for it) and it really made my day. It is so rare to get snail mail these days that is anything but a bill or ad promotion. Her card made me so happy that Joe & I decided to send out some of our own letters & postcards in hopes of brightening other peoples’ days the way mine had been brightened. It’s so easy to send a text or “write on someone’s wall” — but to take the time to pick out a card, hand write a message, buy a stamp and place it in a mailbox… well, that really says a lot. I hope when the letters we sent out are opened they put a smile on our friends faces and the movement continues. WRITE A LETTER. KEEP IT GOING. And again, Happy Easter.