Take Me Out to the Dodger Game

IMG_6229 copy
I’ve never been a huge sports person, or much of a sports person of all; however, I’ve been slowly trying to embrace the idea of people becoming crazy obsessed with other people throwing balls at things (baseball, football, basketball…). I think I can now safely say, baseball has won me over. Football will probably be next, thanks to Kaepernick, “the gazelle.” Basketball, eh, one day, one day. But for now, baseball. Something about being outside, in the stands, chewing sunflower seeds. Joe and I have gone to two night games since the season started, and the Dodgers lost both times — I think we’re bad luck. But regardless, close scores, extra innings, and most importantly, Dodger Dogs were to be had at each. Also, it rained during the second game, which, can I just say, is totally and completely magical. I’m not even being sarcastic. These are the best pics from both games. I think we’ll have to squeeze in at least one more game before leaving for NYC (I’m still waiting to see homeboy Ryu as starting pitcher). P.S. Night games are so much better than day games. P.P.S. GO KINGS (had to throw that in there) – surprisingly my heart also belongs to hockey. I mean, c’mon, they get to throw punches while skating around on ice.
^^ I love this photo. Joe took it, of course. Matt Kemp beats the ball. ^^
^^ The sports’ writers section. I think? Looks so comfy. ^^
^^ The crowd of blue and the Coca-Cola sign. ^^
^^ Friday night fireworks. They were canceled the first game because of an hour of extra innings, and they were almost cancelled the second game for the same reason. Lucky, they pulled through despite the broken curfew — I suppose it was our reward for staying the whole game, extra innings and all, in the pouring rain. ^^
^^ I know, I’m getting out of control with the kiss pics. Poor Joe. This is the last one, I promise. ^^

Photos c/o Joseph Speer


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