Happy Easter

photoHappy Easter everybody! A few days ago I received a hand-made Easter card in the mail from my sweet grandmother in Florida. It was totally unexpected (she hadn’t asked for my address or told me to look out for it) and it really made my day. It is so rare to get snail mail these days that is anything but a bill or ad promotion. Her card made me so happy that Joe & I decided to send out some of our own letters & postcards in hopes of brightening other peoples’ days the way mine had been brightened. It’s so easy to send a text or “write on someone’s wall” — but to take the time to pick out a card, hand write a message, buy a stamp and place it in a mailbox… well, that really says a lot. I hope when the letters we sent out are opened they put a smile on our friends faces and the movement continues. WRITE A LETTER. KEEP IT GOING. And again, Happy Easter.



  1. Aww! That’s sweet! I remember my grandma used to always write cards and send them. She isn’t with us anymore but I like to keep her tradition alive by sending lots of snail mail. Happy Easter!

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