Visit to the Japanese Tea Garden

wisteriaGolden Gate Park in San Francisco is gigantic and amazing (I was in the Bay Area for my third time in the past month, holler!). Paddleboats, botanical gardens, you name it, it’s there. However, despite what feels like dozens of excursions to the city, it wasn’t until last Sunday that I had ever been to the Japanese Tea Gardens in the park! It’s a $7 entry fee, but totally worth it. As much as I hate paying for public parks, I will admit that putting a price tag on it keeps the Tea Garden tranquil and quiet, as I assume it’s meant to be experienced. A great place to just meditate and observe. And really, absolutely, stunningly beautiful. I want to move to rural Japan now.
15^^ The teahouse, where you can sit and enjoy traditional Japanese teas. ^^

1718^^ The Koi! I like Koi a lot, but Joe is even more obsessed. This is one of probably one hundred photos. ^^

16^^ A Japanese garden bridge that you can climb, and we did. A few times. ^^

10232182622^^ The prettiest pagoda. I love Japanese architecture. ^^

2241119^^ Da Buddha. This one was hundreds of years old, but I’m blanking on the exact date. ^^

316^^ Pebble Landscaping. It’s all in the details. ^^

132557^^ Kiss on the bridge while balancing the camera on the railing. Not the smartest idea, but definitely the most fun. ^^

Photos c/o Joseph Speer




  1. Absolutely amazing location! I wish I could visit as well! I love Japanese gardens (and many other things related to the Japanese culture) and I would -love- to visit one!

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