Coachella Nails: Long Live the Geo

Though I will not be going to Coachella this year (or probably ever… you know, it’s a claustrophobia thing), I can’t wait to see pictures from my friends who will be attending this giant music fest in the middle of the desert. Along with being a wonderland of stages and musicians, everyone who goes to Coachella knows there’s one thing as equally important as who’s playing, and that’s what you’re wearing. I particularly love skimming the entertainment news sites during these two weekends to make I’m sure I’m seeing everything. Anyway, in my excitement for not going to Coachella, but anticipating Coachella, here is a post with some nail art inspired by the famous festival (note: geos). Whether you’re attending or not, these are some pretty cool talons to try and replicate sometime. We’ve at least got all summer, right?

(Photos via Pinterest. If One is yours please let me know and I will link to your blog. Thanks.)


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