Kimono Love: The Purest of Them All

All I really want out of life right now is a kimono. Is that so much to ask? Butterflies, flowers, whatever. Japanese culture has always been lovely, so taking one of their traditional garments and Americanizing it? Nailed it. I like the idea of being able to galavant around the city in the same thing you throw on over your PJs to make coffee in the morning. So please, enjoy this kimono inspiration, the loveliest of  “robes” I’ve seen circling the web so far.



  1. For some reason I’m really into kimonos at the moment too – and waiting for one to come in the mail this week… I have no idea yet as to what it will look on me, but I’m pretty excited! It’s just a really simple, shorter model from H&M.

  2. Love kimonos — I got a great one years ago in L.A… Still have it and now wanting to sell it…It’s black and brown and I wore it inside out to show the beautiful interior design.

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