It’s Officially Christmas, Or So Says The Grove

It’s official – The Grove is now in Christmas mode.

Joe and I ran through The Grove last night, literally, showing up 45 minutes before it closed. We came looking for a book that ended up being out of stock (and out of print?). Luckily The Grove had its Christmas decorations up, making the entire trip totally, one-hundred-percent worthwhile. I kept bumping into people because I couldn’t keep my eyes off the decorations — Joe said that I was acting like a kid at Disneyland, no shame people. Since we didn’t know the decorations would be up, the only tool at hand was my lousy iPhone camera (sorry Apple, I love my iPhone, I just love love love my Canon).

Regardless, here’s a glimpse.




  1. It’s so pretty that I don’t even mind that it isn’t Thanksgiving yet! I live near the Americana and visited last week when they had most of their decorations up. It’s just so darn pretty. It is like Disneyland!

      1. Having grown up in Glendale and seeing it’s transformation, I am definitely glad that the Americana is part of my city. It’s made the area a lot more beautiful and for that, I can deal with the extra traffic!

  2. I had a shopping adventure at the Grove the other day. I needed a new suit, so I went from west to east. Zara, Topman, Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Nordstroms.

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