Halloween in WeHo

The West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval (spelt correctly!) is the second largest annual event in Los Angeles, bringing in roughly 500,000 people to Santa Monica Boulevard on the night of October 31st. Fun.

I don’t even know how to explain this thing, but I think it’s something everyone should do once in their life, especially if you live in L.A. It is insane and wonderful and slightly terrifying (for the sheer amount of packed bodies) all at once. It’s a parade that you’re part of and the range and diversity of costumes is definitely to be remembered. You can tell that some people spent weeks on what they’re wearing (shout out to the lovely queens of WeHo!).

Truth be told, Joe and I swore we were gonna die at one point, and I believe we contemplated getting arrested just to safely escape a bar we found temporary refuge in (yeah, it’s that many people). It’s funny now in retrospect. Sometimes the things that make you the most nervous are the things you most need to embrace the most. Floods of people, but happy people.

We came, we saw, we kind of conquered.   Really, astounding… these pictures do no justice, but they’re what we managed to snap.

wevbghfghzzzmncvasyuAnd I’ll send you off with this: a Hollywood hotdog man. That’s one thing we do better than New York, and I’m overly proud of it like I work the streets slinging dogs. But really, who wants something boiled when you can have it grilled and bacon-wrapped? Peppers on top.


Photos c/o Joseph Speer


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