They Call This Tinseltown

photolaLast week Joe and I hiked up behind the Hollywood Sign with our friends Matt and Jenny. It’s something that I’d been meaning to do for a while, and subsequently, put off for a while. But we finally did it — we stood at the top of our backyard — BEHIND THE SIGN. You know, like we own the place.


We made the mistake of driving up into the Hollywood Hills not knowing exactly where the trail started. And of course, once we were about halfway up the Hollywood Hills, everyone lost phone service, so we just winged it. But that’s been typical of my life ever since meeting Joe, and I have to say, I love the spontaneity and freedom of it – not planned route, only final destinations.

After an hour of playing Indiana Jones on the road (which I cannot lie, being driven around the Hollywood Hills with no exact destination is one of my favorite activities), and after multiple impossible parking situations, two wrong entrances to the trail, and a shimmy down a drainpipe when no one was looking, we found the way to go just as the sun was setting and made it to the top with a gorgeous view of Burbank along the way.

So yes, we ended up watching the sun set over Hollywood. And it was remarkable. And I felt a sense of pride for this city, which is something to note, as before moving to Los Angeles I was close to certain that I was going to hate it.

This crazy city has turned into my home, and that’s a nice feeling.






Photos c/o Joseph Speer



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